Friday, May 4, 2012

The 'Cats put a wrap on week 3 of spring football

YOUR 'Cats wrapped up the 3rd week of the 2012 Spring Football season this morning. Wildcat11 was able to get out to the Catdome earlier this week and above is a video of some of the action.  This post is going to have to be a little light because I'm pressed for time but I hope this will give you a fix of Catdome football that you all crave. 

Also, If you're haven't "Liked"'s facebook page you've been missing out on some early leaks of incoming Linfield commits.    The staff released their 1st wave of recruits (we'll talk more about them later) but there are still some players still make decisions and we'll try to break news on our Facebook page or our Twitter feed as it comes in.

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Bubs said...

Awesome job staying with him on the swim drill RC...didn't even pick up you breathing hard, or did you edit that out.

Bubs said...

Good job trailing on the swim drill RC. Didn't even hear you breathing hard, or did you edit that out?