Thursday, February 12, 2009

Video remodel almost complete

If you have been watching old video clips on recently then you have noticed that the great majority of the embedded YouTube video player clips have been replaced with a bigger and cleaner video player. I’ve been working on this for over the past month but the transition to videos being exclusive to our site is almost complete. YouTube has been a very serviceable host but I grew tired of the lack of quality playback, the time limit the site places on vids, and that it just felt a little hollow that the heart of was hosted somewhere else.

What does this mean for you? Well, for you that work at companies that block YouTube you will never be denied watching your favorite Linfield football videos while taking a break from the job and overall you will get to enjoy a higher quality of video.

Catdomealumni will still use YouTube for some clips (HS football camp, etc) but for the most part I hope you all enjoy the new video player. If you can’t view the clips you can download the newest flash player right from the Adobe website (trust me, it’s safe)

Speaking of videos we are just three Monday’s away from the start of’s 4th video season (Monday, May 4th). We’re going to kick it off with the Team Introduction Video that ran before every home game this season and then jump into 2008 Highlight DVD clips. The month of May will be “Linfield Legends” month as usual. I’m currently finalizing my 4 former ‘Cats who will be enshrined in video glory. Then June, July, and August will be our typical buffet of old clips, HS Football Camp Highlights, Spring Football, and a couple of new features that I think you’ll enjoy.

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