Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Incoming Cats: Linebackers

Catdomealumni.com is continuing to preview the 'Cats 2009 recruiting class. Wildcat11 will continue to post up the raw footage of the incoming ‘Cats in action during their High School career.

I do want to note that out of the 45 plus committed players I was able to only score about 1/2 of the player’s footage. I’m not trying to slight any of the incoming players if I wasn’t able to post up their footage, it was just a matter of if I was able to find their DVD or not. Also, I won't be posting up the entire clip of each player due to tech/space issues.


Austin Alley, OLB, 5'11, 195, Culver HS, Culver, Ore.

CJ Castro, OLB, 6'0, 210, Del Campo HS, Sacramento, Calif.

Joe Griffiths, LB, 6'1, 210, Wenatchee HS, Wenatchee, Wash.

Bryce Hayunga, LB, 6'0, 200, DeSales HS, Walla Walla, Wash. (Game Footage)

Chris Pernicano, OLB, 6', 200, Kearny HS, San Diego, Calif.

Other Incoming Linebackers (DVD’s not available):
Jonathon Byers, OLB, 5'9, 193, David Douglas HS, Portland, Ore.
Axel Cederberg, LB, 6'1, 210, Tigard HS, Tigard, Ore.
Michael Cooke, LB, 5’11, 190, Bellevue HS, Bellevue, Wash.
Nick Hamilton, LB, 6’0, 220, Buhl HS, Buhl, Idaho
Chris Rogers, LB, 6’1, 210, Stevenson HS, Cook, Wash.
Mike White, OLB, 5’10, 195, Toledo HS, Toledo, Wash.


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