Friday, December 17, 2010

Boehme, Hurdle, ESPN Sportscenter...You Bet!

Linfield College Senior Quarterback Aaron Boehme made many spectacular plays for the 'Cats during his two season's as the 'Cats starting QB but none were with the wow factor that came with his hurdle of Puget Sound DB Cory Dunn that led to Boehme's 2nd rushing TD on the day as the 'Cats went on to hammer the UPS 55-14.

The play was first featured on's Play of the Week for week 6 which was just a great honor. However, weeks later on December 2nd, word spread like wildfire that Boehme's hurdle was being played on ESPN's Sportscenter.

The story goes that ESPN and YouTube are running a segment called Your Highlight where people submit videos to ESPN via YouTube and the folks at ESPN pick out their top 3 plays. Huge props to 'Cats freshman punter Scott Goodwin for submitting the video to ESPN which led to the hurdle being named the #3 play during the Your Highlight Segment on ESPN. Below is the original video of the play.


Anonymous said...

When do you think it is possible for the players to get a copy of the highlight DVD?

Wildcat 11 said...

I'm sure the staff will be sending out an email during the early part of Jan term letting the players know they have copies ready.

The staff still doesn't have the final video files as I'm working on a few small corrections I needed to make.