Thursday, January 13, 2011

2010 Highlight DVD is in the can!

 Last week WC11 put the finishing touches on the 2010 Linfield football highlight DVD.  It’s actually been “done” since the day of the team banquet (which is a whole stressful story I won’t bore you with) but I had to run it back in the lab and make a few changes and polish up the final-final copy.  Each year I always say “this year’s highlight DVD is the best one yet" and while I just love the 2009 highlight DVD the 2010 version is on par if not just a smidge better in the end.  It’s tough to say but I think it’s a real solid product that the players, families, and fans will enjoy over and over again.

The season highlights span an opening clip and Linfield's 11 contests during the 2009 season. The total run time is 1hr 6min and 52 sec and the action moves quickly. Yeah, it takes time, some basic knowledge of the editing software, and some thought to put together a fun highlight DVD but 99% of it comes down to your raw materials, and by that, I mean the product on the field.  What the players at Linfield have done this past year was awesome as they just produced huge TD after TD and bone jarring hit after hit.  They make this process so easy because of the nature of their play.  Not only with their play but the players make it easy on me by accepting my camera in their space and sometimes in their face when they may not what it there.  The ‘Cats have always made it easy on me and I want to thank them for that.  Along with that, there are a number of people that helped contribute to this project and I want to be able to publicly thank them for their contributions.

Video: Brad Hazenberg worked the visitor’s sideline of the Willamette and Pacific game and it was my 2nd year working with Brad and thank him for his contribution.  Also, like to thank Linfield Wildcat Trevor Gomez who worked the visitor’s sideline during the Menlo, Whitworth, and CLU games.  Trevor did a great job but I only get him this year as he’ll be on the other side of the lens next season.  Once again the crew that shoots for Linfield Sports was huge.  Aaron Haugen’s (top/crow's nest camera) shots are huge for the home game clips and save my bacon often.  Evan Hilberg and Spencer Crepeaux (sideline) also provided huge shots for the home games this year.  Also, need to thank the Coach Staff (Coach Yen and Rombach) for hooking me up with coach’s film for our road games.  They are always quick the help and get me what I need.  Thank you coaches!
Photography: Again, we incorporated a number of still photos in the highlights. I want to thank Linfield S.I.D. Kelly Bird (Linfield Sports Photo Gallery) for photos for the La Verne, UPS, PLU, and L&C games. Special thanks to Dan Harris ( the road CLU game photo, and to Tim Ward of for use of the great photo at St. Thomas (WC11 takes back everything bad I’ve said about SJU....for today!).  And again a real special thank you to Brad Thompson (Brad Thompson Photography) for use of his photos that we use as the blog headers, and the game shots of Willamette, Pacific, Menlo, Whitworth, and the CLU playoff game.  Brad hooks up WC11 all the time and I can’t thank him enough.  Go to all of these guy’s sites and purchase a picture for yourself or a loved one.  They shoot these games because they love small college football/sports and a printed photo will last much longer and look better than just keeping an electronic copy on your CPU.

Radio:  Bill Johnson is a long time radio vet but this was his first year working for the ‘Cats and it was a true pleasure getting to know Bill.  He loved being around this program this past season and you could hear it on his call and you’ll hear his voice throughout the highlight DVD.  Bill did an outstanding job and looking forward to seeing him and hearing him in 2011.  Also, needed to thank color analyst and Linfield Legend Dave Hansen for his contribution the past two seasons with the radio call.  People like Dave are what makes Linfield a great place!

WC11 also wanted to thank Linfield Athletic Director Scott Carnahan and Linfield Head Coach Joe Smith for always trying to take care of and help WC11.  Their support of is flat fantastic and I wanted to personally thank them for letting us do our thing.

Last but not least….Mrs. Wildcat 11.   Guys I can’t tell you enough about how much she loves the ‘Cats.  We had the greatest single event happen in our lives (Baby14) arrive with two weeks left in the season and with so much going on at the home front she had my back and support in getting this highlight DVD done the right way.  She took a huge bullet in having me come home from work and pushing to finish the DVD during family time.  Mrs. 11 is phenomenal and I’m so lucky to have her to keep me from being a complete mess.  I love you Kel!

First clip of the year will start on Monday, March 7th (2010 Scoreboard). Be sure to mark that down.  Go ‘Cats!


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Thanks for ALL you do! Small college football gets almost NO love in the Eugene Register Guard, so YOU are THE source for us ol'Cats out here!

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