Monday, February 28, 2011

The 2011 Video Season has now started!

Yeah, it's not the start of football season but for Linfield football fans it's the start of something to help drag you through the spring and summer months as we build towards another season under the 'Catdome. Today is the kickoff the our now annual video season where each and every Monday, until the start of fall camp, will be doing our best to post up a new video up on the mothership.

For the 4th year in a row we kick off the season with the 'Cats Video Board - Team introduction clip that ran before the 'Cats hit the field at each and every home game this past season. We're pretty proud of the 2010 effort and think that we've improved this intro clip each year out and on the page there are easy hotlinks to our previous efforts (2007, 2008, and 2009).

Along with new videos we also spiff up the place with some new signage as we roll out new banners for ADvantage 'Catdome and our 2011 Billboard (See Photo above). This year's Billboard we're featuring our standout group of senior defensive backs.
Linfield Professor and Photographer Brad Thompson donated the photos of Strong Safety #33 Kala'e Parish, Rover #9 Kole Kriger, and Corner #5 Taylor Skore while your Linfield S.I.D Kelly Bird donated the stills of Free Safety #4 Drew Fisher (2009 PLU Photo Gallery), Corner #33 Christian Hanna (2009 UST Photo Gallery), and Corner #6 Nate Dixon (2008 SOU Photo Gallery). Thank you to both Brad and Kelly for letting WC11 use those stills to help create the billboard and be sure to check out their work and purchase some of their great work for yourself, friends, or family.

This is our 4th Billboard to "hang" in various locations around the Portland Metro area. The 2011 Billboard when "up" yesterday in downtown Portland so if you're around P-Town you may see it around. Check out our Archive Billboards from the previous 3 years. 2010 Billboard, 2009 Billboard, 2008 Billboard.

Along with our new Billboard we have three new banners for ADvantage 'Catdome to rotate.

Once again, Brad Thompson donated the photos of the three 'Cats above. Running Back #30 Aaron Williams, WR #12 Deidre Wiersma, and Corner #6 Nate Dixon will top off the blog for the 2011 season.

Keep spreading the work/sending links out about ' and blog. The site keeps growing each year and we hope to do the same in 2011. Catdome!


wildcat tornado said...

As Coach Paul Durham used to say, "Keep those cards and letters coming"! And he meant it and I mean it!
Brian Petersen '68

Anonymous said...

dont care

Wildcat 11 said...

Anonymous visitor from Willamette. Thank you for checking in with us. Catdome!

Wildcat Tornado,

Thanks for checking in! Go 'Cats!