Friday, March 25, 2011

Cheap shot 101 presented by La Verne's Donald Mull

While shooting the action of the 'Cats 30-3 win down in L.A. vs the University of La Verne, Wildcat11 captured the most perfect example of an away from the play cheap shot that one could conceive. During the early portions of the 3rd quarter the 'Cats ran a toss play for a minimal gain but the real action was 15 yards away from the player where La Verne safety Donald Mull (#4) decided to pick off our unsuspecting Wildcat WR, Josh Hill.

I have to admit that WC11 might have taken a few liberties with offensive linemen or quarterbacks away from the play back in the day so I can't hate on Donny too much or I'd be a hypocrite. However, what made me shake my head and chuckle so much about this no look job was how when Josh Hill confronted Donny about the dirty play was that Mull just babyfaced it like a true pro. Obviously, this isn't Mull's first Rodeo in the dirty play department.

Obviously, Wildcat11 doesn't encourage plays like this but this does serve as a reminder to Wildcat WR's keep your head on a swivel when the Leos make their first trip up the 'Catdome on September 24th.


Anonymous said...

#4 acted like a scrub all game. Took his drops like a scrub. Tackled like a scrub. And even had the attitude and mentality of a scrub. September comes quick, Leos.

Anonymous said...

When Donny tries that with the "new and improved" Josh Hill, the result will be different. Josh is lookin a bit tougher now. Got some serious muscle and grit. I'm countin' on good things from Josh next fall.

Anonymous said...

Hey Donnie... pay backs a bitch.