Thursday, April 7, 2011

YouTube Commentor doesn't think Ohu McCabe's monster hit was that great

The video above isn't new. Wildcat11 posted it up after the 'Cats opening season game down at CalLu where Linfield Corner Taylor Skore picks off a CLU pass and while returning the ball up the 'Cats sideline, Linfield defensive end Ohu McCabe just unleashes a devastating block on Cal Lu's right guard that was trying to make a play on Skore.

It was a fantastic return by Skore and just a lights out hit by McCabe who would unfortunately suffer a season ending injury later in the game. However, YouTube Commentor "giolapp" didn't think the hit was all that great.

Yes, California Lutheran starting right guard #50 Giovanni Lapp was crushed by McCabe and spent a minute or so on the ground counting blades of grass but YouTube Commentor "giolapp" is mistaken to think the impact of said hit to Giovanni Lapp caused the injury to McCabe.  However, I can understand how giolapp thought that there is no way possible that McCabe couldn't have suffered some sort of injury when he leveled the CLU right guard due to the violent nature of that impact.  It was pretty devastating.


Kurtis Williams said...

What did happen to him this year? I had that question but didn't ever find an answer.

Wildcat 11 said...

Ohu did suffer an injury later in that CLU game that was hindering his back for the remainder of the year. He took the medical redshirt and will have 3 years remaining to play which is great for the 'Cats and bad news for the NWC.