Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lost and Found: Brad McKechnie's massive crack back vs Menlo (2005)

Wildcat11 has taken great pride in tracking down massive hits and damage the 'Cats have done over the past 20 years. Armed with an archive of highlight tape footage I feel that we've uncovered many massive hits as we've compiled our video collection of decleaters in the form of: Big Hits I, Big Hits II, and Big Hits III. (sidenote: probably be looking to put together Big Hits IV after the 2011 season)

However, finding a lost great piece of Wildcat footage always warms WC11's heart. In working on a project with Coach Brandon Hazenberg a few years ago he passed along this clip of "Keck" just unloading on a prusuing Oak defender. Loved the clip but it became lost in the clutter of's external hard drive. However, last week when doing some work on our soon to be released "Numbers" series I rediscovered this kill-shot.

It was October 29th, 2005 and the #1 Wildcats were headed to a 7-0 start with a 38-7 thumping of the hapless Oaks. Linfield was faced with a 2nd and 20 from Menlo's 47 early in the 1st and the 'Cats call a little screen pass to RB Mordech Kotler to try to make 3rd down a little more manageable. Kotler however was able to keep the play alive and cut across field where Keck was laying in wait.

The whole play was just technically so sound by Keck. He cleared his defender with a run off route and the instant he saw Kotler cut back Keck didn't come screaming up the field, nope, he pealed back and took a beautiful path to where he anticipated the play was headed. At that point Menlo's Antoine Barlow was a man on fire in trying to track down Kotler. Barlow did have the angle on Kotler and he had to feel he was about to track him down. Barlow never saw it coming.


Anonymous said...

Keck was the most underrated offensive player in the days of 01-05. As a teammate I love seeing the boys fly around again.


Wildcat 11 said...


100% agree. Keck was a great talent. Best hands on the team and could play multiple positions and styles of football.

doc said...

Nice extension on the block.
Is there anything better? I mean, a one hand catch for a touchdown WITH GLOVES ON is nice, but everyone knows you are supposed to be awake out there and finding those who aren't.......