Friday, April 20, 2012

Linfield at the halfway mark of their spring football season.

Two weeks of Spring Football is complete for YOUR Linfield College Wildcats as once again the week wrapped up with a 5:45 AM start time this Friday morning.  Wildcat11 wanted to give you a small taste of what's going on with spring football so I snapped together the above clip of some of the position work that the 'Cats have been logging in over the past two weeks.

I ran into a former Linfield player this morning who stopped by to take in the action before he had to head into work and I asked him what he thought; "They look pretty polished for a spring practice."  I thought he nailed my thoughts exactly.  The coaches and players will all tell you there is a laundry list of items to improve upon, but this group was hitting the right notes this morning in terms of their tempo and grasp of the schemes.

As you read this, I'm working on those spring position group reviews that I mentioned last week.  We should have our 1st couple of review sometime next week with more to follow during the rest of April and into early May.

If you're haven't "Liked"'s facebook page you've been missing out on some early leaks of incoming Linfield commits.    I'm not getting this information from the coaching staff (understandably they keep things close to the vest) but I've run into these via news articles, twitter, facebook, etc.  From what little I've seen so far the program had done a fantastic job in landing high quality student-athletes and I expect more to come.

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