Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Linfield College Football's Recruiting Class of 2012.

With the 2nd release of the Linfield Wildcats 2012 recruiting class we're are happy to present to you an all-recruit highlight video of this year's incoming 'Cats.  The press releases on Linfield Sports gives you all the great background that you need on this year's class.  I just wanted to touch on my overall thoughts on what I saw on film.  I did my VERY best to capture all the players that are coming to Linfield but I missed a few.  It wasn't intentional but it was a tough to track everyone down  However, what I do have is 33 minutes and 19 seconds of kick backside action of this group of very talented and dynamic football players that will be headed to the 'Catdome this fall.

First thing that jumps out to me is the depth and quality of both offensive and defensive lines.  Both sides of the ball are loaded with guys that will be able to excel under Linfield coaching and our schemes.  A number of teams have quality skills players but the difference between being an up and down program and a consistent power and contender is what program can bring it at the point of attack year after year.  High quality line play is a Linfield trademark and that's what the 'Cats will continue to do.  This is a very promising group on both lines so keep an eye on these names in the upcoming seasons. 

Offensive line: Thaddeus Cox, Zachary Curliano, Logan Lamb, Eric Pitassi, Alex Richardson

Defensive line: Nate Aamodt, Morgunn Ewing, Alex Hoff, Stephen Hordes, Franklin Lime, Michael Nichols, Marq Randall, Dallas Tuumalo, Connor Williams

Another position group that jumped out at me is the defensive backs.  Love the diversity of styles and this group has explosive hitters (Mike Arkans & Robert Strys), speed (Austin Lee, Kipp Marstall, Josh Cole), agility (Keanu Yamamoto, Tyler Bergeron, Jordan Hirai, Riley Heath), and tremendous length with ability mixed in (Kyle Belcher).  The 'Cats landed a huge group of talented DB's in 2010 and to me this is a very similar grouping of players in terms of quality. 

The running back group, again, is a nice compliment of styles.  The 'Cats have a tough tackle breaking back with a nice burst through the hole (Nick O'Sullivan) mixed in with backs that can fly in the open field (Tavon Willis, Sam Robinson, Chase Russell, and Reiko Moss).  Obviously, running backs was a point of emphasis to recruit with both Josh Hill and Steven Nasca graduating this season.  This group of inbound RB's should have an early opportunity to showcase their future potential.

Some of you might have wondered why Linfield is only bring in one wide receiver.  The answer is simple; the staff was selective this year and that's because the current roster is stacked with talented sophomore pass catchers.  There might be one or two more WR recruits that might commit but staff is very happy to land the quality of receiver they have so far (Conner Purnell). 

The program once again is bring in a high quality leg into the program.  The kicker from Sunset (Mike Metter) looks to have a strong leg and should fit in well with the 'Cats veteran kicking core.  Again, this is another area the staffs done a great job in identifying players at. 

Coach Rombach has to be a fired up linebacker coach right now.  Not only does he have great talent returning but has a fine group of new linebackers to work with.  There are some physical players in this class (Eli Biondine, Adam Bullard, Diego Garza) , flat out speed that will fit our defense(Alex Bolton), explosive play making (Derick Turner, Nic Orlando), and some quality hard working LBs (Clay Monahan, Zayne Sather).

Linfield went big at Tight End this year in landing large bodies this year.  Both Tight Ends (Connor Floan, Spencer Kelley) have excellent size for incoming freshmen and shown the ability to not only make tough catches over the middle but move people off the ball. 

Wrapping up the recruits is at Quarterback and the staff has to be very happy to land two players with different styles but both have the talent to compete at our level of football.  Bobby Heaterington is very well schooled and looks to be very accurate and a heady signal caller and Tommy Knecht has some very Aaron Boehme like similarities in terms of size, arm strength, and some ability to pull it down and run.  There is established talent in front of them but both of these signal callers should be in the long term mix as a Wildcat signal caller.


Anonymous said...

Cant wait to see these young Cats compete in the Catdome. Great job RC, see you first week of camp with the MV boys.

Chris said...

Glad to see we got some depth! Can't wait to see these new Cats show the rest of the nation how good we are!