Monday, January 28, 2013

2012 highlight video debut was a hit!

The 2012 Highlight was a hit.

It was a late showing for the debut of the 2012 Linfield Wildcat football highlight video but the wait was worth it.  I thought the video turned out great and the 1 hour and 18 minutes moved along at a great clip.  What I told the team before the video is the truth;  they're 99% of the reason why this video is exciting and fun.  It's because of the energy and passion of this team that put up 40 points per game, sacking quarterbacks 63 times, piling up over 124 tackles for losses, and blowing up team after team on their march to the playoffs.  Without their performance, all the editing in the world wouldn't make this video as exciting as it can be.  They get the credit, I just point the camera at 'em.

With the debut in the books, the next step is getting this in the player's hands in various media platforms.  I shooting by mid-Feburary to have the video available in the following platforms:

-Blu Ray (I can't recommend this enough)
-Standard Def DVD
-Digital downloads for Smartphones (Iphone, Andriod, etc) and Tablets

For those that want to wait, we'll start rolling out game clips starting the 1st Monday of March.  I'll need to send out a formal post for the countless thank you's in helping putting this production together and will try to get to that soon enough.  Till then...Go 'Cats!

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