Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Coach Rombach is named 2012 DIII Strength and Conditioning coach of the year.

Photo Courtesy from Linfield Sports Information Department
Linfield's Linebacker and Strength Coach, Phil Rombach, has been named the 2012 Division III Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Year by American Football Monthly.  Coach Rombach was a fierce competitor for the 'Cats (2003-06) and has taken that intensity into Linfield's coaching staff the past 6 seasons.  In reaching out to Coach Rombach he deflected and stated that this is a program honor.  I appreciate Coach Rombach's line of thinking but we're still going to single you out for a job well done.

Linfield head football coach Joe Smith weighed in on the honor for Coach Rombach and the program:  "Coach Rombach has taken a strong training foundation that Neil Fendall built, and has added to it wonderfully.   Right now, our team is working harder and more efficiently than ever.   Coach Rombach, in his typical fashion, has put his entire heart into our training and this fall our entire program will reap the benefit of that commitment and investment.   I could not be more proud of Phil, as he is doing exactly what I knew he would do- turning out a great product by putting all he has into its formation." (subscriber site)


MacQuiz said...

No question about it...Coach Phil Rombach is an example of "The Linfield Way". He will do the work...get the job done all day long...and then credit the program and the team for the result.
He is one of the best recent examples of a player that is a product of the program and then exemplifies what the program delivers. You deserve it Phil...take it for what it is...another reason to love what Linfield football is all about.

pjgerb65 said...

That is a great honor Phil! It is great to see you recognized nationally by you peers. This is a validation that you are doing the right work. Keep it up. Peter Gerber '03