Thursday, September 12, 2013

2013 NWC Pick 'Em Contest: Week 2

Old School 'Catome never goes out of style.
It was a great week 1 for the teams in the Northwest Conference as the NWC started off the year with a 3-1 Non-Conference record.  However, for (509)Rat and myself we stumbled out of the blocks and went 2-2 with our NWC picks and 4-2 overall.  I wasn’t surprised that Pacific went into Adrian and won.  Watching a little of the game on Friday that Adrian offense was so bad it made the Boxers’ solid defense look like the ’86 Bears.   Willamette did surprise me with their performance.  Their offense was on-point and looked like they have a number of weapons to work with.  The overall takeaway from last weekend is that the NWC is going to be tough from teams 1 through 5 this season.

Let’s get to week two:

Northwest Conference Games:

#3 Linfield over Hardin-Simmons (at HSU)(509)Rats Says Linfield:  The Cowboys really came out flat against Willamette last week, and I honestly don't expect much different this week. HSU has some big holes on both sides of the ball. There isn't much of a QB/passing game on offense and the Defensive secondary is equally bad. whether it's due to personnel or scheme, Linfield will have a field day picking on those weaknesses.

#12 Pacific Lutheran over #18 Cal Lutheran (at CLU):  CLU’s head coach has been painting his team as the home underdog this past week and I have to agree with him if you’re looking at this on paper.  I think PLU is a top 10 team this season and CLU is top 20 program but they have many new faces in starting roles to open up the season.  Winning at that new soccer/football field is going to be tough but I do like PLU getting the road win. CLU is going to have a lot of talent on the field and it’s going to be how that talent comes together on Saturday that determines if they can upset the ‘Lutes.

(509)Rat Says PLU: I'm picking PLU out of conference loyalty and the fact that they will rely on returning players rather than transfers. And this time the PLU QB has a whole season under his belt, instead of "first collegiate start". The roles have been reversed and I'm picking the more experienced team to win for a second straight year in this series.

Lewis & Clark over Claremont-Mudd-Scripps (at L&C):  L&C will have enough offense to put some points on the board but their defense is going to get roasted this year.  CMS is pegged by the SCIAC coaches to finish near the bottom and if that’s the case then you’re probably a bad football team.  I say L&C in a shootout.

(509)Rat Says CMS: I still think L&C is gonna take a step back this year. With a close game the last time they played, I don't expect much different. L&C's offense won't be enough to overcome the complete lack of a defense.

Chapman over Puget Sound (at UPS):  Puget Sound is trying, man.  I mean they are trying hard.   They did say they had a great off-season in the weight room and have the largest roster size in the latest coaching era.  I do think they’ll be a better and more competitive team this year but they’re going to have a hard time finding wins in the NWC.  Chapman is a good enough program to win at UPS and that’s what I’m going to take.

(509)Rat Says Chapman: Is UPS getting worse and worse every year? That's a completely serious question.

Willamette over Sewanee (at Willamette): Last season Sewanee’s triple option attack game Willamette fits in a closer than I thought it would be game.  That triple option is the only thing that is going to keep this game close.  If it sputters then Willamette is going to blow them out and crack the top 25. 

(509)Rat Says Willamette: So Willamette is good...I don't think the Bearkittens will have nearly as much trouble with the Tigers as they did last year.

Whitworth over Whittier (at Whitworth): The Rats non-conference schedule of cupcakes and weaklings continue as they host Whittier.  The Poets do have talent as they’ve gone with the transfer, transfer, and more transfer model of building a program.  However, I like the Rats to continue to pad that non-conference win total

(509)Rat Says Whitworth:  Whitworth defense is much improved and won't let Whittier back in it this year.

Pacific over Occidental (at Pacific): Man, what a sad story this is.  In the not-so-distant past, Occidental was a premiere football program in the Western Region.  They won SCIAC title after SCIAC title, had the greatest NCAA playoff run in SCIAC history (West Regional Finalists in 2004), and were putting QB’s into professional leagues.  They were legit.  Then new administration came in and didn’t get along with the great Dale Widolff and canned him after 30 years of building a winner.  Two years later, and two head football coaching changes later, and Oxy football is a dumpster fire.  Pacific should slap and eat up the Tigers this weekend.  Just a reminder in how quickly it can all go away. 

(509)Rat Says Pacific: If you can go on the road and beat a conference can beat Occidental. Oxybob has stopped posting, largely because Occidental's sports information dept doesn't give him anything to post. As long as the Pacific defense shows up again, the Boxers will win.

Western Region Games of the Week:

#22 Coe over Cornell (at Coe): Come on.  Cornell is softer than an ice cream sundae.  Kohawks will roll.

(509)Rat Says Coe: Coe looked rusty last week, escaping with a win against an inferior opponent. Luckily for them, they get another inferior opponent. And this time, at home.

#8 Bethel over Wartburg (at Bethel): I have respect for Wartburg.  Good history, great fans, a traditional IIAC power but Bethel is on another level at this current time.  Bethel should overpower them with defense and control this game from the jump.

(509)Rat Says Bethel: Bethel may be the best coached program in the MIAC. Wartburg has been tough traditionally, and may make this a close game. Even so, the Royals have shown a few times over the years that they are more than equipped to win at the end.

National Game of the Week:

#19 St. John Fisher (1-0) over Washington & Jefferson (1-0) (at SJF): I don’t know much about these eastern teams but I do know if you talk bad about SJF their fans will cry, whine, complain, make excuses, and do it over again.  I’ll just pick them because I don’t want them crying to me for picking against them.

(509)Rat Says SJF: I'm just picking the higher ranked team if we're being honest.


Chris said...

This fan can't wait to see this year's team. We should be strong on all points. Yoder, take it to em!

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