Friday, November 8, 2013

Around The Catdome'Osphere

Be The Hammer!
I don't have a lot of time to chat with you today but here is a lot of links to articles and videos to prime you up for a big college football weekend!  -11

Linfield Sports: 'Cat Chat with Tyler Steele Tyler Steele hoping to get back to his All-American Form Daily Dose's Around The Nation Post Cast: Linfield talk start at the 21 minute mark

CCTV Salem: Linfield vs Willamette Game Highlights

Wildcatville blog: Linfield at Willamette football slideshow Linfield bottles up Willamette Linfield rolls to victory vs. Willamette

Willamette Bearcats Vimeo Page:  Willamette's HC talks about getting stomped by Linfield

Willamette Bearcats Vimeo Page: Bearcats try to find some silverlinings after getting put to bed by the 'Cats. Willamette Radio Honks breakdown 56-15 loss to Linfield.

Linfield Review: Wildcats Slash Bearcats, 56-15

The Willamette Collegian (Page 8): How many times I can I come up with a way to say Linfield hammed Willamette? Linfield great, Gary McGarvie, will be enshrined to the 'Cats Hall of Fame this weekend. (paywall): Wildcats are well-positioned for Puget Sound

The Puget Sound Trail: Loggers lose to rival PLU

PLU's Mast: PLU pulls away to 41*-21 rivalry win over UPS

PLU's Mast: Tuiasosopo earning accolades and respect UPS head coach was pissed that the PLU punched in a "piling on" TD Former Hawaiian high school teammates are now NWC rivals

WhitworthPirates YouTube Page: TULLLLLLYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!

LuteAthletics: I can't hear anything Scotty W. is saying because PLU can't afford a mic windscreen.

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