Monday, December 30, 2013

Introducing the 2013 Highlight Video Trailer: "Higher Ground"

Very excited to wrap up the new year with the release of our now annual highlight trailer video.  For those that don't know we make a long form highlight video that will run over an hour as we go game-by-game of the team's highlights with some games going past the 7 minute mark.  A few years ago Coach Smith and Hazenberg approached me and challenged me to try to create a short video to highlight the best of the long form highlight.  The result was the 2010 "Send Em Up" video and 2011's "Fear None".  I love these trailers and I'm excited to bring you the 2013 version.

The reason I choose "Higher Ground" by TNGHT is a few reasons.  1) The song is high energy and fun and that fits the 2013 team perfectly.  2) The song title, higher ground, also fits what Linfield College Football is all about.  This program is always trying to reach higher ground in everything the 'Cats do.  Even if the 2013 didn't reach that national championship goal this team did it while trying to reach higher ground and that's what the 2014 team will do and the 2015 team and so on. Always challenging itself, always trying to do better, always trying to reach higher ground. The song is fitting and I hope you enjoy our latest.  Go 'Cats!

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