Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Welcome to 2010! Now What's On Tap?

Ah, the first blog posts of 2010. It smells so fresh and clean it’s like slipping on a new pair of athletic socks. We still have a number of items to cover from the incredible 2009 season but now is the time to start looking down the road in what “we” at Catdomealumni.com will bring to the Wildcat masses in terms of new and exciting content in 2010.

Catdomealumni.com and ADvantage Catdome had our biggest year to date (thanks primarily to the ‘Cats great season on the field) but I also feel like we had a great year in the video and blog content. We had some great interviews, play blogs, tons of great video, and coverage of the 2009 season. However, my goal for the site/blog is to make the next year a step up in the quality and diversity of content on the site. So the question is: what do you want to see more of? Obviously, you’re going to get the full display of 2009 season highlights (Starting Monday, March 1st) but what else do you want to see more of? Current player interviews? More Red and Purple Interviews? Video Retrospectives? More news from around the conference? Different voices on the blog? Wildcat11 wants to know!

So in addition to the polls below, please leave a comment with any ideas or you can mail me at: catdomealumni@yahoo.com


doc said...

DO.C. enjoyed interviews with players from other teams in relationship to the 'CATS.

Do not know of it was logistically possible but, say Quincy Daniels,Justin Feaster, and yes, even Levell Coppage.

Your research of other team player blogs was fascinating.

Remember, if CalCat or I can be of help the first 2 games of 2010 - we also serve who only stand and cheer.

Anonymous said...

I as well really enjoyed hearing from other players and persons outside of the CATS. Always neat to see the respect others have for our program and their opinions.

Looking forward to 2010