Friday, January 29, 2010

Please bring back football George Fox!

Last Spring after George Fox University received a 1.2 million dollar gift, GFU announced there are talks about George Fox considering adding football at the University. I think Fox is feeling the pressure of Pacific adding their team and GFU being the only DIII school in Oregon now not to have a program.

However, I was dead wrong because George Fox ALREADY has a football team....a flag football team. The Bruins gridiron gang played a physical game of flag grab vs the Warriors of Corban College and I was about to run through a wall I was so pumped after after watching the video below. Nothing and I mean NOTHING says football like a M.W. Smith music bed and dudes named "Snuggles" breaking off huge plays.


****Update, 2:28 PM 1/29/2010*** Well, that was fast as the Bruin Nation can't take some light ribbing and they pulled the video down. Talk about being sensitive.

HA! You can't keep the ADvantage down George Fox! Here is a game report on the Bruins 20-14 overtime win over Corban that brings to an end "4 years of frustration" All I can say about that report "Boom Goes The Dynamite!"

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Anonymous said...

I prefer Michael W. Smith. 8-)