Monday, June 14, 2010

One Last "Thank You" to the Seniors of 2009

Today is the close of the 2009 Highlight videos on Our last piece is the 2009 Senior Salute and Wildcat11 wanted to take the opportunity to thank each member of this senior class. 2009 was a magical season at the 'Catdome. There were many questions at the start of the year: opening the season with then #4 Hardin-Simmons, the incredibly long and challenging month on the road, and if the 'Cats could claim back the NWC title and reach the playoffs.

The program had plenty of doubters and haters that were piling on just what the direction this incredible program was headed. The expectations for Linfield are high. By the fans, the students, the staff, and the players. Sometimes I don't think folks understand the pressure that our players and staff are under to perform and NOBODY understood this more than the 2009 senior class. They have been through the ringer the previous 3 seasons and I think as a group they had to make a decision in if they were going to pull together and fight or just try to get it over with.

We saw what their decision was. Perfect Regular season, beat 7 top 25 teams, won the NWC, hosted 3 playoff games, and came "this close" to play for it all. Don't think it was easy because it wasn't and the 2010 team should remember the lessons of this senior class about focusing on the collective and not the individual. The Senior class of 2009 answered the bell in a big way and best of luck to each of you in your life after Linfield and we'll see you at the 'Catdome this fall!


d1shima said...

What a great ride these Seniors led the team through!
Can't wait for 2010...

The Bucks said...

The high road that is traveled by standing on the shoulders of all the previous Wild Cats and coaches takes one to a rich place of character that seems to be absorbed by all who support the effort.

Seeing the results from the stands over the past 4 years has been so rewarding. Success over adversity was maintained even when there was what appeared to be an unexpected "changing of the guard". Congratulations to Coach Smith and the incredibly talented Linfield coaching staff!!!

May all future Wild Cats receive the benefit that comes from being fully invested in the success of your team mates.