Friday, June 25, 2010

2010 Linfield Football Camp: Defensive Line Rip Move Drill

Today is the ADvantages last day in our 2010 Football Camp video series. Our last clip is of the 'Cats Defensive Coordinator Jackson Vaughan walking campers through a drill designed to work on the rip move. The rip is a staple for any defensive player but many don't know the proper way to throw the move or the little things about the rip that make it successful. Coach Vaughan's drill helps break that down for you.

Be sure to check in with on Monday as we'll have the 2010 camp highlight video up with all the bells and whistles of a standard WC11 production. Have a great weekend!

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doc said...

How refreshing to listen to Coach Vaughn without one (1) "uh" or "like" in his presentation.