Wednesday, July 21, 2010

2010 Incoming 'Cats: Kickers

Welcome back to the 7th round of our special series featuring our incoming 'Cats of 2010. This week we'll be featuring our group of incoming Kickers. The 'Cats have 4 kickers coming in from two states (Oregon and California).

Now some of you may be saying to yourself: "Wildcat11 why are you dedicating time to kickers? They're kickers." While it's easy for most football fans to poke fun at kickers, Wildcat11 is not one of those people and is in fact a major fan of having a good kicking game. WC11 has full respect for the work Linfield's kicking group puts in.

Nobody says much about a kicking game...that is until they don't have much of one. Kicking is one of the most underrated aspects of small college football. Having good punters and kickoff specialists are vital in the field positioning game and a good field goal kicker takes major pressure off the offense and gives a coaching staff more options. WC11 loves a good kicking game and I'm looking forward to seeing our new legs compete with a very solid group of returning kickers.

Video are in alphabetical order (Last name) and may have been edited to save time/space, and some indicate jersey numbers)

Markus Trujillo – Edison High School – Huntington Beach, Calif. (Highlight Comp)

Jordan Walker – Milwaukie High School – Milwaukie, Ore. (Highlight Comp - Practice footage)

Scott Goodman (couldn't get DVD to work) – Newberg High School – Newberg, Ore.
Josh Kay - South Salem/Whitworth (Transfer) -Soph - Salem, Ore.


Anonymous said...

Watch out for Josh Kay the transfer from Whitworth! Heck of a leg... also a dual threat (he will be an excellent Golfer for Linfield as well). He didn't have a video so I had to Holla for my boy!!

Wildcat 11 said...


Good to hear about Josh's golf game. 'Cats have been great on the links the past few years so I'm sure he'll be a welcome addition to the golf team as well as the gridiron.

doc said...

I admit on July 31, 2010, I was wrong when I mouthed many times last season "We only go as far as our kicking game takes us.'
We went a great deal farther than I was projecting.
I STILL love to win 1 point games rather than lose by 2.

Anonymous said...

What's the status on the kicking situation in camp?