Thursday, July 29, 2010

Press Hop 2 is Glorious

Those that follow ADvantage Catdome knows that I'm a mark for DJ Steve Porter and his work. If you haven't seen the original Press Hop you have to give it a spin. A classic in its own right but Press Hop 2 is a tremendous effort. If you haven't heard of DJ Steve Porter, you've probably seen his work during the NBA finals. This is just something to start your weekend right.


Anonymous said...

great video!!

hey this is a random question, but do you know if Linfield does any of the players laundry?? Like Game/Practice jerseys/pants?? I know other small college teams in the area do...


Wildcat 11 said...


Of course they do! The program launders both practice gear and game unis. If they didn't then the locker room would be the worst smelling place within 27.8 miles of the campus.

In fact, I still remember the first rule of getting your practice gear washed. Each player gets a mesh bag where you put in your practice gear and you throw the bags into a bin where students/players on work study would cart them over to the HHPA to get washed.

The rule is DON'T overfill the bag or there is no way all of your stuff is going to be dry the next day. You have to stay consistent in getting your gear washed because if you were going to do it in one big shot you were bound to have a damp jock and socks the next day...and there is nothing worse than a damp jock.

Anonymous said...

yes our clothes come out smelling wonderful