Monday, July 9, 2007

First of Four has just posted up the 1982 NAIA Championship video of Linfield capturing its first National Championship. I have to tell you that I think the vid turned out rather well. However, I did notice a major error this morning. I dropped the ball and forgot an “e” in Randy Mueller’s last name. How could I blow the last name of our freaking quarterback! I’m just ticked that I’m going to have to go back, update the video and reload the whole thing again.

The game itself was awesome to watch. However, it was a little weird to watch a game for the National Championship being played at McMinnville High School, but hey, the Stagg Bowl is played at a community high school field is Salem, Va. After a few minutes of watching the 82 game you don't really care it's at Mac High because the game seemed to fit the times perfectly.

The whole scene of the game was magical. The old school Linfield uniforms, the balanced attack of Coach Rutschman and the ‘Cats doing the little things so well. The part that I was most surprised with was Coach Rutschman’s willingness to put the freshman out on the field. I loved it! If the kid can play then play he will.

The only thing I’m disappointed with is that I can only bring you 10 minutes of this game. There are so many fantastic little things about the broadcast…from the sweet commercials, to the “press box” that a younger Steve Arena was calling the game from. You could just feel the love the McMinnville community had for that team during the game. Total crowd focus on the history unfolding in front of their eyes. It was a great experience for this Wildcat fan.


D O.C. said...

Thank-you again. I thoroughly enjoyed the video the way it is.
I never saw that team and I come away impressed by the speed of another finest of the fine.

Wildcat11 said...

Thanks D O.C.

I made the fix last night so Muller is now Mueller. :)

The Rutschman offense was fun to watch.

Thanks to Beancounter who came through with the '82 and '86 tapes and thanks to Bluenote and another 'Cat for helping out with the '84 game.