Thursday, June 28, 2007 goes back to the 80's

We’re in the home stretch of the video season on and we have quite the treat in store for our Wildcat faithful. During the month of July the mothership will rollout the ’82, ’84, and ’86 NAIA title games in recap fashion (ala the 2004 Stagg Bowl below).

Each video clip will be about 10 minutes in length. That is mainly due to the restriction of most video hosting sites (YouTube, Metacafe, etc) in terms of the max length of video (10 mins).

I have the ’86 game in the can and I’m currently wrapping up the ’82 game. I’m very excited to crack open the 1984 comeback game vs NW Iowa. What I try to do is capture the high spots of the game that tell the story of each contest. It’s a tough task because there are moments you want to feature but there just isn’t enough time for every huge hit or great run.

The 1982 game will be debuted on Monday, July 9th. 1984 will be released on the 16th and the ’86 game will be out on the 23rd.

The last three weeks of the season will feature the 2000 PLU/Linfield contest and the 2007 offensive and defense preview.

Do me a favor and send an e-mail out to your friends and family with Linfield ties about Not only do we want to be able to connect our alumni back to Linfield but we want to be able to introduce Linfield to potential Wildcats.

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