Tuesday, June 12, 2007

High School Football Camp starts this Sunday

One of my favorite parts of the early summer is the annual Linfield football camp. High School teams from all over the Pacific Northwest and some from California make their way to the Linfield gridiron for great technical instruction from one of the best small college football staffs in the country.

The camp is structured to allow teams plenty of time to work on their offensive and defensive schemes but there is a heavy dose of position work each day where the Linfield led camp staff breaks football down to the core fundamentals. However, the goods are in the evening sessions where the kids get to strap on the lids and have controlled scrimmages.

Over the years the camp has become so popular that they’ve divided up the sessions into two groups and even then the camp is jammed pack with HS’ers. The first sessions doesn’t start until Sunday but the real action of the camp will really kick off on Monday evening.

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