Friday, June 22, 2007

Alumni Game: Monday Oct. 1st!

The 3rd annual Linfield Alumni vs Junior Varsity alumni game has been set. The old men and the young ‘Cats will square off the Monday after the varsity smacks around the Willamette Bearcats. (Monday, October 1st at 7:15 pm)

The series up to this point is 2-1 in favor of the Alumni. The teams played twice during the 2005 season as they split the games that year. The Alumni won the first showdown 10-7 on a Scott Cannon game winning field goal and the JV’s surprised the alumni team in brutal conditions 20-17 in early November of ’05. However, the 2006 game was a different story as the Alumni team led by QB Ty Mathews (’03) and Linfield WR greats, Casey Allen (’05), Brandon Hazenberg (’05), Brad McKechnie (’05), and Sonte Wong (’00) cut up the young kids in racking up 35 points on the day.

The game is a little over 3 months out and this is where the leg work comes in. I still need to obtain e-mail addresses from the 2006 class and we need to find a QB. Ty turned in his retirement papers after last season’s victory and told me he is 100% done. Break out the running shoes, load up your iPods with some AC/DC and cut back on the beer. I’ll start sending out e-mails to the alumni mailing list next week but please shoot me an email if you’re interested in playing.

Start making your plans now!

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