Friday, June 1, 2007

Double Duty

When it comes to Linfield head coaches that have delivered National Titles (7 in total) only three coaches have their names attached. For Jackson Vaughan, a 1997 Linfield Grad, he just led his squad to a season for the ages in helping Linfield win our first women’s team National Title.

However as many Linfield faithful know this isn’t the first Linfield team title that Jackson has been involved with. Jackson was the D-Line coach and defensive run coordinator of Linfield’s 2004 National Football Championship squad. Most recently Jackson was elevated to the defensive coordinator roll in 2006 and this upcoming season he will be the guy calling the defensive plays for the ‘Cats.

Jackson’s hometown newspaper, The Baker City Herald, just ran an interview of his double duty and how he was able to build a power out of his softball program. Here are a couple of quotes from the article:

Of his 2007 softball squad: "We had pretty high goals," Vaughan said. "We finished fourth in the nation last year. We were pretty beat up with some people injured, and we were in kind of a ‘just happy to be there' mode.

"But with all the kids we had coming back we had high goals this year," the native of Hereford said. "We tried not to get caught up in the idea of a national title early in the season though. We really preached the one pitch, one game mentality."

In dealing with players: "From coaching football I had learned a lot of the coaching things. I had to learn the little things that make you successful.

"Dealing with players is kind of universal even though there's some difference between dealing with boys and girls. But, if you can motivate kids you can be successful."
You can read the whole article here: Baker City Herald

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