Thursday, September 18, 2008

Week 3: NWC Pick 'Em

An Annual tradition for members of the is the conference “Pick ‘Em” contest. Here is a link to the NWC Pick ‘Em board, however, you must be a registered member in order to see or post on these boards. It only takes a minute to register and doesn’t cost a dime. NWC Pick ‘Em

Wildcat11 went 6 for 8 last week. I picked Willamette to lose and the ‘Cats to win and we know how those game out. 6 for 8 might sound good but I dropped from 3rd to 5th out of 17 posters. I’m hoping for a clean sweep during week 3 of NWC action.

Puget Sound over Claremont-M-S - Kavin Williams played well vs a perennial SCAIC powder puff and I expect UPS to continue to mop up the lower half of the “we won’t play Linfield” conference.

Pomona-Pitzer over Lewis & Clark – I know people were excited that L&C beat a team with 20 dudes on the roster but the Pios are still terrible. Yes, the effort is there to move the program in the right direction but the best part of their season wrapped up two weeks ago.

Cal Lutheran over Pacific Lutheran – Yikes! PLU’s back up QB, Nick Caraballo, comes in for their injured starter, Michael Byrne, and goes 5 for 30 with 3 picks. Oh my. Again, PLU has some good young talent but that will not help them this year as they continue to take their lumps.

Oxy over Menlo – Menlo has shown as much life as 3-day old road kill. Oxy is going to murder them.

Southern Oregon over Willamette – OK so the Bearcats have made me a fool the past two weeks but eventually I’m going to be right and this is the week. The Bearcats play well at home but I think SOU is going to be too physical for them to overcome this time.

Redlands over Whitworth – Redlands was sharp in week one and Whitworth wasn’t. I base this pick on Redlands being at home, having a veteran team, and that the Rats still have many new pieces. Also for me, QB Kory Kemp has not come through in the play making department.

Bonus Game: Central over Wartburg (IIAC). This is a toss up but Wartburg took a bad loss last week so I’ll take the home team (Central)

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MacQuiz said...

So...just for fun I slid down the street to Salem and took in the SOU -v- WU battle.
To bad I'm not smarter about football...might have been able to make sense of the strengths & weaknesses I saw.
One thing seemed obvious even to the casual observer. Each team has 2 or 3 playmakers on both sides of the ball. I guess that's true of most teams. The other thing was it looked like SOU was much more physical in the first half than the second. They seemed to wear down a bit by the 4th...especially the d. For all I know it was just WU getting better?
Bearcats made mistakes in first half with a couple costly turnovers but they maintained there focus and adjusted by 3rd. A very good (and gutsy) punt return late put the BearCats ahead for good.
Raiders are a physical team, that's for sure.
Saturday at 6 there!!!