Thursday, September 25, 2008

Week 4: NWC Pick 'em

An Annual tradition for members of the is the conference “Pick ‘Em” contest. Here is a link to the NWC Pick ‘Em board, however, you must be a registered member in order to see or post on these boards. It only takes a minute to register and doesn’t cost a dime. NWC Pick ‘Em

‘Ol WC11 is still holding strong in 5th place out of 17 pickers in the NWC race. I’m only a few points off from the lead so there is still plenty of time to make a move…or really screw it up. So let’s get to the goods!

Whittier over Menlo. Yeah, the Oaks showed some signs of life last week in giving Occidental a pretty good game but that’s the Oaks for you. This program is like a good golf shot. You shank shots on the course all day long but then you hit that one incredible shot that makes you believe you could actually be getting better. That great shot keeps getting you back to the course but when in reality all you’re doing is continuing to fool yourself and prove you’re not very good at golf. Same thing goes for Menlo.

UW-Whitewater over Puget Sound. Hey I have to give Willenbrock credit that he had the stones to put the Warhawks on the schedule but this could turn out bad. Look I don’t think the Warhawks are nearly the same team from the past three years in terms of a dominate offense but they will handle UPS. Granted UWW has the long road trip and they are playing in what I like to call “The Morgue” (due to the place having no life at all). UWW wins not by a dominate margin but comfortable margin and then look for the Loggers to say after the game “We were “this close” to taking the game, we can play with anyone!”

Willamette over LeVerne. Yup the Bearcats have made me a complete fool the past three weeks, BUT NO MORE! I’m officially picking WU to win.

Whitworth over Chapman. People have been jumping off the Whitworth bandwagon faster than rats jumping of a sinking pirate ship. (Boom! I was able to work in a “rat” reference with a tie in to a Pirate ship. *pats self on back* +1 Wildcat11). Yes I know the Rats lost Kemp at quarterback but I don’t think that is a huge loss. He’s been more of a care taker than a play maker. Whitworth will continue to get better but this is a pick ‘em game and I haven’t given up on the Rats just yet.

Bonus Game: Bethel @ Concordia-Moorehead. I’m going with Bethel. Everyone with Willamette ties have now become huge Cobber fans because the more Concordia wins the better Willamette looks for a Pool C bid if they don’t win the NWC. Concordia is coming off a big win but I think SJU’s offense was exposed as a fraud and Bethel is going to be a different beast for the Cobbers to handle.

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