Friday, July 1, 2011

2011 Incoming 'Cats: Quarterbacks

Welcome back to our 2nd post in our 2011 recruit series where we preview our Linfield incoming class of 2011. Linfield has released two posts detailing our incoming group of 36 'Cats and the ADvantage will be posting up their HS/JC highlight clips group-by-group.

Our 1st post was previewing our incoming WR so it felt natural for the next post to focus on our incoming QBs. We have 3 quarterbacks coming to the 'Catdome this fall and each are coming from a different state (Oregon, Nevada, Idaho) and all three are coming from success high school careers and teams.  I'm excited about this crop of QB's and think they will add to an already great competitive situation at the quarterback position at Linfield.

**PLEASE NOTE** Wildcat11 wants to track down every player clip (DVD or on-line) that is listed on Linfield's press release. However, I've been unable to track down every single player DVD. Some didn't have a DVD on file and others I just couldn't find. If I didn't have your video posted PLEASE don't take it personal. WC11 tried his best and if you didn't have a DVD on file then I looked for a clip on-line. I never want to short change our 'Cats.

Ben Bolton, QB, 6’4, 190, Truckee High School - Truckee,  Nevada

Matt Yarbrough, QB, 6’0, 190, Tualatin High School - Tualatin, Ore.

Unable to track down DVD or on-line video:
Levi Altringer, QB, 6’4, 200, Rocky Mountain High School - Boise, Idaho

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