Thursday, July 21, 2011's Numbers series presents "22"

Offensive Coordinators around the NWC will sleep a little easier now that Hedin is graduated.

We're wrapping up our number series in style as we've rolled out Eric Hedin's record setting 22 quarterback sacks from this past season. Hedin just had a monster year as we've talked about a number of times on the blog and when you take a look back on his 2010 season it was just so much more than sacks. Eric led the team in solo tackles with 53, assists with 27, and total tackles with 80. That is just insane for a defensive end who lines up on one side of the formation to lead what was a fine defensive unit in total tackles. Just remarkable.

In the numbers video for Eric's 22 I sat down with Defensive Coordinator and D-Line Coach Jackson Vaughan to talk about when he thought Eric broke through as a dominate defender and Coach Vaughan nailed it. During the 'Cats 2009 mammoth playoff run Eric exploded on the scene. The 'Cats played big and athletic offensive lines in Cal Lu, UMHB, St. Thomas, Whitewater and Eric was just making play after play in the backfield. The momentum and confidence of that run carried into 2010 and was the springboard of a legendary season.

The previous single season sack total stood at 18 for the past 13 seasons. It was a good run for that number but it was great to watch that 18 go down to a player that was a hard worker, humble, a good teammate, and was one of the very best defenders in Division 3 this past season.

Watch Hedin's 22 Sacks


d1shima said...

Nice job again, WC11!

Gets the juices flowing for the upcoming season...

doc said...

JV said it all about durability, length and the ability to let the blocker 'think' he's holding a block while Eric was watching the play unfold over him, and then slough they guy off to make the play.

So why did DO.C. pick Eric as his favorite player to watch at this time last year you ask? EH is actually humorous too!