Monday, January 23, 2012

The 2011 Linfield Football Highlight DVD is in the can!

Last weekend, I popped a blank DVD into the computer and burned a master copy of the 2011 Linfield Wildcat Football Highlight DVD. It felt good to have another production in the books and to drop it off with Coach Vaughan to do his magic. As always, there is a mad dash to have a version of the highlight film ready for the annual banquet but I never considered this process completely done until after I tune up a few issues and wrap up a few other elements included with the main highlight. You never know if you have a winner or not but I’m feeling pretty good when one of the players texted me after the banquet and said the 2011 version is the “best highlight DVD” we’ve put together. I’ll take it.

We stuck to our traditional format as if "it’s not broke then why fix it"? The highlight spans over 11 games and has a total run time of 1 hr 10 min and 49 seconds. That may seem long but when you’re putting up 40 points a game and leading the NCAA in sacks and tackles for loss there's a lot of action to cover. Working on the highlight DVD is such a big challenge to compile but the quality of the video is dictated heavily on the level of play on the field. This program makes it so easy with their style of play, emotion, and togetherness. It’s so easy to feel all of those emotions while watching the video and that isn’t because of some sort of special editing, no, it comes from the players in the locker room and on the field of play. I need to thank the players for accepting my camera in their personal space and allowing me to be the fly on the wall. Don’t think I take for granted the willingness to allow me to be in that locker room while you’re getting ready for the task at hand.  Thank you.

Along with that, there are a number of people that helped contribute to this project and I want to be able to publicly thank them for their contributions

Video: A huge thanks to 2010 All-American offensive tackle Aaron Heston for reaching out to WC11 when I was scrambling for a 2nd sideline cameraman at the beginning of the season. Aaron stepped in and worked the visitor’s sideline for the LaVerne, UPS, PLU, Lewis & Clark, and at Willamette. It was his first time shooting football video like this and I thought he knocked it out of the park. His understanding of the game and the Wildcat system gave him a great feel and his shots added a perfect element to the footage. Thank you Aaron! Also, I have to thank Joe Seifert, another former Wildcat player and fellow defensive lineman (2008), for pitching in and shooting during the Pacific game. Joe stepped up huge and I appreciate him providing a needed help to old WC11. I couldn’t make the Menlo game due to work but former tight end Nick Safir (2010) filled in and captured some great footage for the ‘Cats win over Menlo. Thank you Nick for the help! Another resource at home games is the video board camera operators and I need to thank Dan Paulino (crow’s nest) and Spencer Crepeaux (sideline) for their contributions to the footage. Thank you guys!

One thing we did differently this season is use much more of the program footage than in previous years. It was a nice change up to have those wide side angles and the end zone footage that you see in most highlight DVDs. I wouldn’t have been able to get that footage together without the help of Coaches Yen and Haberly who were the guys that made sure I was hooked up after each game. Thanks guys for the help!

I also need to give a big thank you to Linfield Sports Information Director Kelly Bird for always taking care of our camera crew with field passes at the ‘Catdome and on the road. Kelly has such a good reputation around Linfield and the nation as a top SID and it’s for a good reason. Kelly is on top of everything.

Photography: The use of photos has been come a big part of the yearly highlight DVDs. I use a game photo as the transition between the offensive and defensive highlights of each game and I’m so grateful that Linfield SID Kelly Bird (Linfield Sports Football Photo Gallery) and Linfield Professor Brad Thompson (Brad Thompson's 2011 Linfield Football Photos) are so willing to share their work at no cost in the name of the program. We used shots from Kelly during the Whitworth, Menlo, and Wesley highlights and shots from Brad during the CLU games, La Verne, Willamette, Pacific, UPS, PLU, and Lewis & Clark. Also, thanks to Brad for passing along stills to use on our Monday game recaps throughout the season. They make those posts come alive. Please, go to both of their photo gallery sites and purchase a picture for yourself or a loved one. They shoot these games because they love small college football/sports and a printed photo will last much longer and look better than just keeping an electronic copy on your CPU.

Music: One of the hardest things for me about the highlight DVD is the music. I’m 35 years old and my taste in music rooted in the 90’s but I know it’s 2011 and the music of the highlight DVD needs to reflect the current players the best I can. I get A LOT of help along the way in the form of suggestions and I’d like to acknowledge those people. Former ‘Cat All-NWC linebacker Jaymin Jackson has been a HUGE help to me. Jaymin passed along so many good suggestions and bailed me out when I felt like I was hitting a brick wall on music choices. Thanks Jay for looking out. Mrs. Wildcat11 was my go-to person on the country music front and she gave me two winners (as always). Current players, Christian Hanna, Nate Dixon, Kala’e Parish, and Aaron Hire all gave me great suggestions that I used and a great find was by former All-NWC wide receiver Tyler Kaluza (2007). Tyler passed along the suggestion of a great Johnny Cash song. At first I was thinking “Johnny Cash and football?” but when I put the track down it work perfectly. Thanks Kaluza on that great find!

Radio: I can’t thank ‘Cats play-by-play man Bill Johnson enough for his help during the season. This was Bill’s second year of the call for the ‘Cats and he has developed such a passion for the program in short amount of time and it’s evident with the passion in his call. Bill, his wife Laurie, and Dave Hanson (the ‘Cats longtime color man) are a great group of people to work with. They treat me so well and are always willing to go above and beyond to make sure we have the sound we need for the highlights. Thank you so much.

Special thanks to Jen and Chuck Wert and Mark Funk. On the trip out to Wesley, Jen and Chuck (son is offensive guard Drew Wert) were nice enough to let me hitch a ride with them down from Philly to Dover. The Wert’s are awesome, treated me like a family member, and I had a great time getting to know them a little. Mark Funk (son is ‘Cats DB Brandon Funk) picked me up from the Spokane airport the night before the Whitworth game. Mark and I hit it off right away over a few cold drinks at a local watering hole. Mark is a great guy with a lot of passion for the game of football and I’m thankful for him making my trip to Spokane a welcoming one. Thank you again Jen, Chuck, and Mark. Go ‘Cats!
I also need to thank Linfield’s head coach Joseph Smith, athletic director Scott Carnahan, the ‘Cats Offensive line coach Doug Hire, linebacker coach Phil Rombach, and the entire football staff. Coach Smith and A.D. Carnahan provide incredible support and access to the program for me and this project wouldn’t be nearly as robust or in-depth without their continued support. Coach Hire’s work with me on getting me updated with equipment and access to older footage is very appreciated, thank you to Coach Rombach in all the help with the travel, and the whole staff with being willing to help me out at every turn with the blog and video. You guys make it look easy but I know the commitment is incredible.

Last but not least the biggest thanks go to my wife Kelly. There is so much time involved in this process and there is NO WAY I could pull it out without someone as supportive and loving as Mrs. 11. We have had such a big change in our lives this past year with the arrival our wonderful baby girl (Baby14) and even with the sporadic sleep for both of us Mrs. 11 was phenomenally supportive of making every game I could and traveling with the team. Mrs. 11 had my back at every turn in getting this project done and it feels great to have someone always in your corner. Thank you honey, I love you.  Go 'Cats!!!

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Can't wait to watch the video! You always do an awesome job, Go Cats!