Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sometimes it's best to let the crowd tell the story.

Photo Courtsy of Brad Thompson: View and Purchase Brad's Photos here

I was cleaning up my files the other night after wrapping up the 2011 highlight DVD and I ran into the raw crowd audio from the CLU playoff game and started to give it a listen. As you may know I'm a big video person and love great sports photography but there is something so visceral about closing your eyes and just letting the sound of the Linfield crowd and the voice of Linfield public address announcer Craig Singletary tell you the story of the 'Cats 30-27 playoff win over CLU.

This audio was just too good to let to collect virtual dust in the archives so I cut together some of the high spots of the win and loaded up them up via our Soundcloud account. Just hit play and give it a listen.

Linfield vs CLU Playoff Crowd Audio by Wildcat11

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Unknown said...

Phone it in-- That W was great again and again