Monday, March 5, 2012

The 2012 Video Season Starts Today!

The 2011 Scoreboard Intro kicks off this year's video season!
It's the 1st Monday of March which is now the annual kickoff of's video season.  Through the spring and summer, Wildcat11 will be posting up a new video on the mothership on each Monday morning.  As usual, the first three months of the season we'll be bringing you each clip from this past year's highlight video.  Once we're done with that we'll be getting into some special clips that include our Linfield summer football camp clips, Linfield Spring Football (I'll try my best on this one), our latest installment of our Big Hits series, a few other nuggets from the vault, and then wrap it up with our 2012 offensive and defensive video previews.  The one area we might not get this year is a Linfield Legends clip or a "Numbers" clip.  I just may not have the time to get those together but don't fear, there is plenty of source material to keep the 'Catdome family entertained till fall camp.

I do have something to report that's going to make you VERY happy.  One major upgrade that we have included in this year's new videos is the ability to watch the videos in "full screen" mode.  I wanted to do this in the past but was just too lazy to figure it out.  Actually, the reason is I didn't do this in the past because the video suffered in quality.  No more! All you have to do is click the little button on the far right of the control bar.  It's circled in the picture below.

Pretty simple and I feel this will enhance your view experience greatly.  So do me a favor and spread the word to all your Wildcat friends about, the blog, our facebook page, and twitter.  I'll be doing my best to give you guys what you crave and that's the latest on the program, while giving you a window to the past.  Happy viewing and go 'Cats!


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