Friday, March 2, 2012

Breaking into the tapes!

Linfield football fanatic's dream!
In early 2010, Wildcat11 received a very special box in the mail. Former Linfield Football videographer, Mike Rhodes, was kind enough to send me a box of tapes of his raw footage of Linfield football games from the 2001-2003 seasons. This was just a treasure that had to wait on the side before I could fully invest the time to start digging into the goodness of early 2000's Linfield football. Well now is the time to start mining for that video gold.

After Mrs.11 and myself put the baby down for the night I popped in the 1st tape and it was of the 'Cats dramatic 23-16 victory over Whitworth in 2001. With the game tied a 16-16 late in the ball game, Linfield punt returner Mike Cooney broke off an incredible 70 yard punt return for TD with 2:00 minutes left in the game to seal the victory. A now classic moment caught beautifully on tape.

Be sure to like's facebook page as I'll be posting up clips from these tapes over the next month. It should be a great look back on some tremendous Linfield football teams.

2 comments: said...

Mike is my son and I don't mind admitting I still get goosebumps at what impact a little guy maybe 5'8" and 150lbs. (forget what the program says)can have in college football. Overtime, thanks to the great program Linfield, some of his punt return records have fallen, but he still has or shares a few. Now he's a great dad with a little boy who also has very, very fast feet!

Wildcat 11 said...

Best part is as that little boy gets older he can always visit our site and watch Dad in action! Thanks for sharing Kim. Go 'Cats!