Friday, September 28, 2012

Around The 'Catdomeosphere: 2012 Week 5

A few more weeks till we're back at the 'Catdome!

We have an abbreviated news roundup today. With both Linfield and PLU on the bye there was a downtrend in coverage on the 'Cats but there are still a few gems to mull over.  Already talked about it in the NWC pick 'em but do check out's conference rankings.  That's always good to get a grip on just where our teams are at on the national stage.  Just a ton of Whitworth coverage due to their home opener and the fact that THEY ARE NOW 4 AND OHHHH!!!!

Please do check out the student article on the Puget Sound vs Whittier game.  Love this kid's team spirit.  The Willamette play-by-play man runs some smack at Pacific's radio crew who I guess were bellyaching about the Bearcats throwing the ball late in the game.  And I wrap it up with the most disappointing link of the week and that's an editorial from the Linfield Review where they complain about how Linfield's athletic department decided to use the money donated to them by an alumni association/athletic support group (Top Cat).  Pure nonsense.'s Around The Nation: D3 slots the NWC as the 5th best conference in country. WS40's Linfield vs PLU game preview's YouTube page: Coach Smith's thoughts on PLU

Whitworth Pirates YouTube Page: TULLY SPEAKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

700ESPN's YouTube Page: Watch the Whitworth highlights vs Chapman and the Rat students embarrass themselves. (:41 mark)

thenewstribune: Poets write off Puget Sound 55-24. (THAT'S HOW YOU DO A SPORTS PUN BABY!)

spokesman-review: Rats gut out ugly win over Chapman (w/video): I refuse to use a walk the plank pun in a Whitworth win Whitworth is out world! I'm running out of things to say about Whitworth beating a 2nd rate SCIAC team.

Puget Sound Trail: I don't know why but I love this student writer's optimism about his terrible football team. 

FullAccessSports weekly podcast: Willamette's play-by-play man tells Pacific's radio guys that if they don't like Willamette throwing the ball in the 4th quarter then score more points. WOW!

Willamette Collegian: Bearcats route Boxers Willamette roll Pacific PLU's legendary Frosty Westering will finally give up his All-Time NAIA total wins mark.

Linfield Review: Just a boneheaded editorial from the review questioning the cost of the Hall of Fame Remodel. 

Two points on the above editorial:

1) Don't spend other people's money for them.  That's always a bad look.

2) Do your research.  Money from the Top Cat club was used on at least 8 different projects to enhance athletic facilities and the wellness trail around campus to benefit current students.

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