Sunday, September 16, 2012

Josh Kay's Game Winning Field Goal

Wildcat11 didn't have a chance to get our post-game interviews in the books due to the fact everybody was trying to catch a 6:40 flight out of Long Beach to PDX. After the game it was pretty much team break and work your way through LA traffic. I felt like I had to give you something today until I can get to the game review so why not Josh Kay and the Field Goal unit kicking their way to a Linfield victory. Great hold by corner Brandon Funk and what a clutch day by Josh Kay. It was a monster 33-30 win by the 'Cats and I'm so proud of how tough this group is. Never quit...just keep banging away. 'Catdome Baby.

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MG Atwood said...

Linfield is lucky to have Kay. He stays cool in critical times and his focus is always there. Outstanding kicker & young man!!