Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Colin Forman's Block Punt for TD lands him on D3football.com's play of the week list.

Here is our nominations to D3football.com's play of the week as the 'Cats Colin Forman broke open the game with a huge punt block for TD against Willamette in the 3rd quarter. The punt block scheme was executed perfectly as Brian Dundas and Franklin Lime opened the gap for Forman to slash in and layout for the flawless block.

Colin's block is a finalist for this week's group of nominations.

Here are other plays the 'Catdome has produced in 2012 that have also been D3football.com play of the week finalists:

Week 7: Deidre Wiersma tightrope TD run after catch.

Week 5: John Shaffer's balancing act/cutback that put the dagger in PLU

Week 3: Josh Kay's game winning field goal vs CLU

Week 2: Mike Nardoni lighting up HSU's quarterback like a christmas tree

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doc said...

I loved the protection in the end zone.