Tuesday, May 14, 2013

2013 Linfield Spring Football "The Difference"

Above is our 2013 Spring Football Video that was released this morning.  I hope you take the time out to watch this one and pass it around.  I'm very proud of the effort we made here to capture the essence of what is Linfield Football. 

During the months leading up to the spring football season I wanted to do something we haven't done before.  There are some large school programs that do high quality work but that's typically done with a small army of people.  I've always been hesitant to reach with the videos because I don't want to put out a product that ventures into the cheese zone.  It's a bad look.

However, you can't grow or achieve if you stay in your comfort zone so we went all-in.  

I reached out to Senior Linebacker Tim Edmonds and he was fired up about taking part.  I provided Tim the music track and asked him to come up with a few lines, and a couple of days later Tim kicked back the entire script we used.  I didn't touch a line.  The words that Tim laid down come 100% from the heart and soul of a Linfield Wildcat.  It's what makes this special to me.  It gives you a look into what makes this program run and why it will continue to flourish.  It's young men like Tim Edmonds willing to put in to work it takes to contend nationally each season.

The 2nd half of the clip is action from the Spring Ball season.  DIII has continued to limit what you can do at practice (I'm waiting for them to regulate it down to standing perfectly still for 2 hours), but as you can tell, that doesn't slow the 'Cats down in their effort to get ready for a huge 2013. 

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MacQuiz said...

WOW...that's the stuff baby...
Right there it is!!!
Outstanding and nice job Tim and Ryan.
You leave me heart poundin and misty eyed for my Wildcats.
Thank you!