Thursday, May 16, 2013

'Catdome Poster Project: "Flight 6"

Next up in our Catdome Poster project is our take on another 90's classic.  I can't stand the Cowboys.  Terrible.  However, going through most of my teen years in the early 90's you can understand why.  The 'Boys ran the NFL and front and center of that machine was Michael Irvin.  The Cowboy WR was a physical force known as "The Playmaker".  He was a force of nature and he wasn't afraid to let you know it.

Irvin had an Iconic Nike poster that was on the wall of any Cowboy fan during the 90's.  "Flight 88" was another perfect poster to add a Catdome twist on.  Linfield 1st team All-NWC receiver, Charlie Poppen, was our subject and was a trooper.  This was the most difficult photo to get by Joel Ray had a great plan and captured a great photo.  Come back tomorrow AM as we hit you with poster #3.

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