Tuesday, April 1, 2014

2013 Linfield season highlights: at Willamette

The 2013 showdown in Salem between then #25 Willamette and #2 Linfield had a lot riding on the line in terms of the NWC title and playoff hopes/positioning. In the early moments it looked like this game was going to be a battle as Willamette popped a few big plays and took an early 7-0 lead on Linfield.  That was the 1st time all season that Linfield was down in a game, which is remarkable, but it didn't take long for Linfield to grab control of the game and lay an epic beatdown of a solid Bearcat squad.  

The 'Cats went on to paste Willamette by the score of 56-14 and it wasn't even that close.  Linfield rushed for 451 yards (wow), 6 rushing TD's, and 622 yards of total offense while hold Willamette to 256 total yards.  Linfield lit up Willamette last season (2012) as well but that was a tight game early in the 3rd quarter before Linfield took control but there was zero doubt in 2013 in who was more complete team in every aspect of the game.

Spring Football Update:  Today was the 1st day of Spring Football.  I was able to get out to the 'Catdome and as usual there is no wasted motion.  Everything is fast paced and with a purpose as the 'Cats bounced from one drill to the next.  The offense looked sharp but the defensive backfield made a number of plays in skelly sessions.  A number of young faces are going to be making a big impact on the 2014 season and we'll see how critical position battles shape up over the month of April.

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Chris said...

Nothing like a little Linfield Football to make one want to skip summer altogether!