Monday, March 31, 2014

Your 2014 Linfield College Football Wallpaper!!!!

Can the season just get here?
Very excited today to introduce your 2014 Linfield Wildcat Football Wallpaper.  As with the 2013 wallpaper and 2012 wallpaper, former Linfield Wildcat defensive lineman Chris Miles ('04) is the man behind all three magnificent versions.  Chris is a legitimate talent who's business CMDesign is located in McMinnville.   However, Chris can help you out wherever you might be located with logo design, media guides, web development, brochures, business cards, ect.  The list in ways Chris can help your business or a personal event is endless.  (Visit CMDesign on the web).

Chris spent over 9 hours in creating this awesome wallpaper that you can grab for your phone, tablet, laptop, etc. Again, I can't express my full gratitude that Chris took extra time away from his family and other obligations to give the 'Catdome a great piece that would cost any other customer hundreds upon hundreds of dollars in effort and craftsmanship.  Chris did this, once again, for at ZERO cost to the program.  Why?  Because he loves Linfield College and the 'Catdome and it feels good to give back to a place that means as much as Linfield does to him and his family (I know the feeling).  

Click on this link to download the full sized image or you can just click on the photo above for the full sized image.  Once you've done than you can right click on the image and set as your wallpaper.

A project like this can't even be started without incredible donations of photography from Professor Brad Thompson, Linda MacClanthan and Kelly Bird.  Brad Thompson donated the photos of Alex Hoff (#55), Tavon Willis (#7), Spencer Payne (#28), Evan Peterson (#9), Wes Meng (#16), and Jeremy Girod (#48), Kelly provided the photo of Brian Balsiger (#5), and Linda provided the photo of Eric Pitassi (#62).  Again, these are HIGH END sports photos that are labored for and these photos being provided for this use isn't a small gesture.   

Again, a major thank you to Chris Miles and CMDesign for the fantastic wallpaper. If you're looking for a graphic artist to help with an ad campaign, creating brand imaging, or even a slick T-Shirt, Chris is the right person for the job. Visit CMDesign on the web, go like his facebook page, or drop him a call 541.619.7062.

CMDesign on Facebook
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