Wednesday, August 13, 2014

2014 Linfield College Football Video Feast!

The 2014 Linfield football team reports for camp this Sunday.  We are about 30 days away from the offical kickoff of the season as the 'Cats will open up against an up-and-coming Chapman squad out of the SCIAC.  The 'Cats 2014 team has great mix of returning talent a number of new faces that are going to have to come together quickly for the year to start right.  It's exciting as heck and to get you primed for the season below is a collection of some of the best highlight videos we've produced over the past 3 years.  16 videos and nearly 58 minutes of Linfield football action to get you ready for another year in the 'Catdome!

Linfield 2013 Linfield College Football: Higher Ground

2014 Linfield Wildcats Inspirational: Beyond Limits

Linfield 2014 Spring Football: "Daring Greatly"

GoPro: 2013 Linfield College Football

Linfield 2013 Linfield College Football Highlight Opening Clip

Linfield 2013 Pre-Season Video "Going In"

2013 Linfield Football Scoreboard Intro Video

2013 Spring Football's "The Difference"

2011 Linfield Hype Video "Send 'Em Up"

2012 Highlight Video Introduction

2012 Linfield Hype Video "Fear None"

Linfield Football's "A Cut Above"

2012 Linfield Scoreboard Team Intro Video

2011 Linfield Scoreboard Team Intro Video 


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