Wednesday, August 27, 2014

2014 Linfield Fall Camp: Quick Look

The above video was shot last Saturday (8/23) during the 'Cats morning practice as Linfield was nearing the 1st full week of fall camp.  The video is just a quick glace at some of the work the 'Cats are putting in as the September 13th season opener at Chapman quickly approaches.

The reports coming in so far have been very positive from the Linfield contingent.  There is no sidestepping the fact that the 'Cats defense is going to be a new look group from the senior dominated team from 2013.  However, there is a great deal of optimism of the players that have been assuming larger roles headed into this season.    On the offensive side of the ball the big question is going to be who will be the Linfield quarterback.  I still don't know if that question has been fully answered but I think the picture is becoming more clear. All three quarterbacks could start for just about any DIII team in the country, so it isn't a matter of talent, but finding out who is going to be the one that can push the right buttons on what has a chance to be a high octane Wildcat offensive attack. 

Along with the video be sure to go check out the fantastic feature that The Oregonian ran on Linfield Head Coach, Joe Smith.  Coach Smith has been a Linfield lifer and has become one of the top Division III coaches in the country.  While some programs make their head coach the face of the program and are constantly pimping their HC's image, Coach Smith has purposefully made it about Linfield during his tenure as the Top 'Cat.  That alone speaks to the nature of what Linfield is all about in that desire to put others above your own personal accomplishments.

Low Ego, High Output.

The Oregonian: Joseph Smith finds his place at Linfield

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