Sunday, November 15, 2009

2009 DIII Playoff Selection Show

ESPNnews ran the Division III playoff selection show, featuring Publisher of Pat Coleman, and the news is what we pretty much figured in regards to our first round opponent. California Lutheran, the champions of the SCIAC, will be headed out to Linfield this upcoming Saturday for the Noon kickoff of the 1st round playoff game.

Linfield was awarded the 2nd seed in the West Region bracket and have a chance for at least two home playoff games if the 'Cats can win their first round game.

Find out more information about tickets and brackets at the Linfield Sports site and

1 comment:

d1shima said...

Has there been anything that actually shows their #2 seeding?
When the bracket first came out it seemed like they were placed in that slot but the school article said #3. They have since changed it so I'm wondering where the "official" seeding can be seen?

Of course, all that won't matter much until after getting the win on Saturday...and we'll be there!
Go 'Cats!