Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Make it to the Game! Can we break the 3,000 mark?

Wildcat11 already took himself and the Catdome faithful to task for the lackluster showing by the Linfield faithful at the last home game vs Puget Sound (1,728) but I need to have a sit down with you all right now and ask each of you one question: Can we pack the 'Catdome this weekend and help this team to a perfect regular season?

Our attendance this year as been very so-so and that ticks me off because we have a great team this year. I know, I know...the season has been rather disjointed with a home opener then a month long road trip and our last two games haven't really been against marque teams or rivals but there is no excuses this weekend.

The Linfield students needs to step up, the Linfield alumni need to step up, and the Linfield faithful need to step up and make it out the game. Our fan base is always expecting the best out of our teams so they should expect the best out of us.

Bring a friend, family member, neighbor, strangers...whoever...just make it to the game this weekend and yell your brains out!

If the 'Catdome isn't packed this weekend and if you're local then you should be there. If you don't have a very good reason for not being there then I might have to ask you to hand in your Catdome card.

So tweet/email forward/facebook this post and put the challenge out there to your fellow Wildcat. Catdome 3000!!!!!


Anonymous said...

We'll Be there! Go Wildcats! And we will be at any home Playoff game too!
The Chris Rogers Family!

Wildcat 11 said...

YEAH!!!! The Rogers Family is GETTIN' IT DONE!

Elizabeth said...

Damn, wish I could heed the call! Come on Cat Fans! I'm in Tejas and rooting for a perfect season. Guess who's moving back to Oregon?...The Peck family in Texas with Gomez the Wildcat. We'll be at every home game and some road games next year! See ya'll in January!
Go Cats! Win it all!
Chris Peck