Monday, November 30, 2009

Vote for Coach Smith for Liberty Mutual Coach of the Year

Vote NOW for Coach Smith in the Liberty Mutual Coach of the Year for the Division III level. The way this works is that the top 15 vote getters advance to an "evaluation" phase where the coaches must meet the Coaching Excellence, Sportsmanship and Integrity, Academic Excellence and Community Commitment criteria. And out of these eligible coaches, the top ten from Division III will pass through to the Finalist phase.

From there the winner will be announced on Jan 6th. So what does the winner get? More than just a trophy, this Award provides each coach with $50,000 to donate to the charity or charities of his choice, as well as a $20,000 grant to donate to his school's alumni association.

Right now, Coach Smith current sits in 16th place and is only 45 votes behind Mike Sirianni of Washington & Jefferson College. We don't have to get Coach Smith into 1st place but just in the top 15 for him to advance to the evaluation round where he would stack up VERY well this year.

You can vote once a day, so take the few minutes, sign up and vote everyday to get Coach Smith into the top 15. Do it not only for Coach Smith (who would be well deserving) but for the college to get a nice check.

**Update (12/2) Coach Smith has moved into 15th place With over 830 votes! Great work Catdome Family. Let's keep the pressure on and try to get him over 1,000 votes to make sure he doesn't get overtaken. 5 Alrights to Everybody!


Anonymous said...

IF anyone would want to do so, you can vote multiple times by deleting your cookies, and voting early and often, if you will.

Anonymous said...

Saint Thomas' coach has jumped out of nowhere! He's threatening to overtake Smith with 30 more votes.