Thursday, December 10, 2009

Coach Of The Year Update - Coach Smith was snubbed

The folks over a sent out a list of the 5 finalist of the Coach of the Year award for the Divsion III level and they are:

Steve Briggs - Susquehanna University
Greg Debeljak - Case Western Reserve University
John Gagliardi - Saint John's
Steve Staker - Coe College
John Troxell - Frankin & Marshall College

Well, that is just the way it goes sometimes but I'm pretty sure that any of those 5 coaches above would trade places with Coach Smith right now and be in the NCAA Semi-Finials. Great effort Catdome in getting Coach Smith into the top 15 on such short notice.


bubs said...

F'in Hosed

Pat Coleman said...

That's a ridiculous list of finalists.

I get to cast a regular ballot for this award and I'm thinking of returning it blank.

bubs said...

Thanks Pat...although Joe may not have won the award...pretty absurd that, as the only coach left playing, he is not amongst the finalists. How do they leave Caruso off the list turn that program around in that amount of time. Ridiculous.