Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wildcat11's personal Voicemail to all Linfield Students

Wildcat11 has tried calling out the students on the blog multiple times and even had a "Catdome 3000" campaign that brought our the alumni and older fan base but had no impact on the student body. So, WC11 decided to pick up the phone and call every last student in the Lindex. Below is the transcription of my voicemail:

"Hey, it's Wildcat11, I need you to do me a huge favor. Can you please make it out to the ‘Catdome this weekend? University of Saint Thomas went through my phone and may be calling you out. So if you can, please take your butt out of your dorm room and make it to the ‘Catdome. You got to do this for me. Huge. Quickly. Bye."


Chris said...

In my classiest way I must say "Come On 'Cats!". Support these guys! They are your classmates! They are out there promoting the Linfield name to the nation. The dedication these guys show is amazing. I won't give the same credit to D1 athletes. Our guys aren't on scholarship. They study alongside you all and spend all of their off time working on being the best. Let's get out there and show them we appreciate the sacrifice.

doc said...

I'm laughin'.
That call out was huge .

Yves Beulynxx said...

I am flying all the way from STL for the game and the students cannot walk 1/4 mile?? Sheesh.

Andrew said...

Lets face it, the student body is pathetic these days. They were spoiled by the run and gun brought to you by Brett and company in 2004 and 2005. I hope they bring a better showing this weekend cause this is huge for the college and the team.