Thursday, December 10, 2009

WC11's quick guide to hooking up your CPU to your TV

Alright, I've had about 10 emails asking me how to hook up a CPU to a TV so you can watch the game on the big screen. First you need the link to that game: CBS Sports NCAA Broadcast of Linfield @ UWW Now there are two cables that you need to get ASAP and you can find at any local electronics store (i.e. Radio Shack).

The first thing you need to get is an S-Video cable (you'll need this if you want a picture)The Second thing you need to get is a 1/8th headphone jack to RCA cable (you'll need this if you want sound)

So what you do is plug the S-Video cable into your laptop/CPU. If your CPU doesn't have this there are other cord options but really just about every laptop/CPU SHOULD have a S-Video plug. Once you have it pluged into your laptop/CPU, then plug the S-Video cord into your televesion in one of your "Input" options. (Don't plug it into one of the "output" options or it won't work)

Now, plug in the headphone-to-RCA cord into the headphone input of your cpu (like you are listening to music) and then take the RCA jacks and plug them into the audio input on the back of your TV (The RCA jacks have to be in the input option as the S-Video connection if you want sound to be synced with the picture).

Now here comes the part that I can't really help you with. Each CPU is different. Some TV's/CPU's will pick up the S-Video signal automatically and you have nothing to worry about. Others you have to prompt to display on the TV by hitting a function key (most CPU's are Function+F8). Make sure your TV is on the right channel/input selection (where you S-Video and RCA jacks are plugged in should be labeled) and you should be off and running.

You can fool around with the display settings on your CPU to make the picture bigger but I dont' want to confuse you anymore if I have to. If you have other tips or pointers about hooking up your CPU to your TV please post them in the comments section.

Here's a YouTube video that gives you some more detail about setting up the display of your TV once you have the CPU hooked up.

If I where you I would test this out tonight so you're not scrambling on game day.

Best of luck!!!!


Cris said...

The newer computers don't actually have the S-video...they now have the HDMI plug...which is both audio and video in the same cable...of course your TV also has to have an HDMI input as well....the newer models should have it.

Keep in mind if you are using the S-video and separate audio cables...some computers require that you open a window that controls that media and click on an item to tell it to put the signal to the S-video out. It can't tell you exactly where that little button is...but if you aren't getting picture on the TV...then start there...Once you know you are getting a video signal out...then besure you have told your TV to accept the video signal in and display it. For your operators manual...

Wildcat 11 said...

Thanks Cris for the feedback....

Cris said...

Walmart, Target and probably Radio Shack have the HDMI runs about 28.00 USD for a cheap one. I actually found them on ebay for 4.00 and free shipping but it's a little cheap quality.

d1shima said...


You are awesome!

Enjoy the game and be sure to be yellin' for those of us who couldn't be there!

Chris said...

Awesome tips W11! I'll give it a try. Now my wife can stop wondering why I scream at my laptop! :) Go 'Cats!

Oh, I have to throw this in too:

Go Navy, Beat Army!